/* CocoaHeads Atlanta */

let topic = [
    "title": "Kotlin for Swift Developers",
    "presenter": "Bolot Kerimbaev",
    "abstract": "Kotlin is the new Android development language, and has a lot in common with Swift and other modern compiled languages. Come learn how Kotlin and Swift solve similar problems, and get a crash course on the language from the point of view of a Swift developer!

As always, thin mints, pizza, and good company await you.

Join us at Ration & Dram next door after the meeting for drinks and conversation!"


let gettingThere = [
    "dateTime": Date("2018-02-22 19:00:00 -0500"), // February 22nd, 7pm ET
    "location": "Big Nerd Ranch HQ"

let chapter = [
    "parentOrg": "CocoaHeads",
    "contactEmail": "organizer@cocoaheadsatlanta.org",
    "twitter": "@chatl"