/* CocoaHeads Atlanta */

let topic = [
    "title": "Coordinating Flow Coordinators",
    "presenter": "Gabe Hoffman",
Last month, we learned about improving MVC as an alternative to bailing on it for one of the other patterns-du-jour.

This month, we'll learn about some practical tips for taming massive view controllers by using flow coordinators to decouple them, and let them focus on their one job: controlling (or hosting) views.

Come on out to BNR IHQ on 2018-09-20 at 7pm for code, companionship, and cookies!

Join us at Ration & Dram next door after the meeting for drinks and conversation!"

let gettingThere = [
    "dateTime": Date("2018-09-20 19:00:00 -0400"), // September 20th, 7pm
    "location": "Big Nerd Ranch HQ"

let chapter = [
    "parentOrg": "CocoaHeads",
    "contactEmail": "organizer@cocoaheadsatlanta.org",
    "twitter": "@chatl"