/* CocoaHeads Atlanta */

let topicOne = [
    "title": "Pattern Matching in Swift",
    "presenter": "Chris Downie",
    "abstract": "Pattern matching in Swift is expressive, powerful, and rarely used to its full potential. Let's look at some of the patterns that Swift makes a lot easier to express."

let topicTwo = [
    "title": "Swift Five Tour, Live",
    "presenter": "Mikey Ward",
    "abstract": "Swift 5 is just around the corner! Let's have a look at all that it offers and what its biggest features mean for your code."

let welcome = #"""
Come on out to BNR IHQ on March 14th at 7pm for code & companionship!
Join us at "Ration & Dram" next door after the meeting for drinks and conversation!


let gettingThere = [
    "dateTime": 1552604400, // March 14th, 7pm EDT
    "location": "Big Nerd Ranch HQ"

let chapter = [
    "parentOrg": "CocoaHeads",
    "contactEmail": "organizer@cocoaheadsatlanta.org",
    "twitter": "@chatl"